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Special editions

Special editions from ORTHOPÄDIE TECHNIK

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Special editions


Author / Title


International Issue
OT 10/2017
L. Öksüz, The Effect of Dynamic Carbon Insoles in Running Sports
OT 08/2017
M. Benning/R. Schneider-Nieskens, Superiority of a Knee Relief Orthosis in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
OTWorld 2016
Dittmer, Orthopaedic Technology from Germany – An export model with a 120-year tradition
OT 11/2014
S. Domayer/M. Schmidt/N. Kommer/S. Geisler/K. Schüller/M. Schäfer/K. Pohlig, Pohlig Bionic Socket System (PBSS) – Initial Clinical Experience with an Innovative System
OT 09/2014

Nitschke/Kuhn/Fischer/Röhl, Comparison of the Usability of the ReWalk, Ekso and HAL Exoskeletons in a Clinical Setting

OT 08/2014

Schäfer/Dreher/Muders/Kunz, Prosthetic Fitting after Finger and Hand Amputations

OT 07/2014

Interview with Hugh Herr, “Profound versatility will only be achieved once we have an interface to the brain”

OT 06/2014

Schmalz/Pröbsting, Comparison of the C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system and conventional leg orthoses

OT 05/2014

Schäfer/Pohlig, The Pohlig Bionic Socket System (PBSS)

OT 05/2014

Hochmann, Testing Procedures for Ankle-Foot Orthoses

OT 01/2013

Pahl/Auberger, Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis with Controlled Swing and Stance Phase

OT 05/2009

Bellmann/Schmalz/Blumentritt, Functional Principles of Current Microprocessor-Controlled Prosthetic Knee Joints

OT 04/2009

Laube/Kannenberg, The Effect of a Soft Knee Orthosis in Different Jumping Tasks in Patients five Years after Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

OT 03/2009

Hesse/Bardeleben/Rembitzki/Werner, Clinical and Gait Analysis Data on the Shoulder Orthosis OmoNeurexa

OT 11/2008

Becker/Schmidt/Gansen/Hagel, Applications of Polyurethanes in Orthopedic Technology

OT 06/2008

Schmalz/Knopf/Drewitz/Blumentritt, Proof of Effectiveness of a Valgising Gonarthrosis Orthosis by means of Biomechanical Analyses

OT 02/2002
Münch, Proof of Functionality of the Heel Relief Orthosis according to Dr. Settner/Münch